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Diode Tested Materials

We understand the unique needs of diode laser users. Our commitment to providing top-quality acrylic materials, specifically tested on the Glowforge Aura diode laser, sets us apart as your go-to supplier in the laser community.

Glowforge Aura Tested
Our materials have undergone rigorous testing on the Glowforge Aura diode laser, ensuring optimal performance and reliable results for your projects. Each product listed on this page comes with detailed information in the item description, including recommended settings for the Glowforge Aura. We aim to make your laser cutting experience as seamless as possible, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative ideas to life.
Understanding Diode Laser Limitations
Unlike CO2 lasers, diode lasers, such as the Glowforge Aura , AgloLaser, and xTool come with certain restrictions on the materials they can effectively cut. It's essential to be aware that diode lasers are unable to cut through clear, white, and most transparent colors.Consider the analogy of a car's color to understand how certain colors absorb heat more rapidly in the summer. Similarly, colors that heat up quickly are generally easier to cut with a diode laser. For instance, just as a black car quickly warms up during summer months, black is also identified as the easiest color to cut with a diode laser.

It is also important to note the Glowforge Aura is a low power diode laser, as it is only 5 watts. While something might not perform will on the Glowforge Aura it is possible a higher wattage diode laser could have improved results.
Browse our curated selection of acrylic materials designed specifically for Diode laser users here. Whether you're working on intricate designs or large-scale projects, our materials are chosen to meet the unique requirements of diode laser cutting.

Remember, recommended settings can vary between machines and designs. Always refer to the item description for accurate and up-to-date information on the ideal settings for your Glowforge Aura.
Need Assistance or Have a Unique Project?
If you encounter challenges or have a project in mind that your diode laser struggles to cut, don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team. We offer laser cutting services to help bring your vision to life, ensuring precision and quality in every cut. More information about our Laser Cutting Services can be found here.