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So you want to remove your crumb tray?

We finally got brave enough to remove our crumb tray to engrave a one inch thick cutting board! Now that we know how easy it is, we are going to be doing a lot more custom cutting boards for our friends and family!  Here is how we did it!
First thing first you will need to download the No-Math Focus Ruler! Once it is downloaded you will need to upload it to your Glowforge app, and cut/engrave it! We did ours on clear acrylic, however it could also be done with wood!

Next you will need to remove your crumb tray!

Once your crumb tray is removed you can set your item (in our case the cutting board) in your Glowforge. We always try to put it in the middle under the camera! Once your item is in your Glowforge use your No-Math Focus Ruler to see if the item is tall enough. Your item will need to be in the area with the "Check" mark. If your item is not tall enough you will need to rise is up until it is in the "check" mark area. (We used uncut pieces of wood to do this) 

After your item is tall enough, you can then click "Set Focus" in your Glowforge App. Once your machine is done focusing you can add your design, and make any adjustments needed. We used 1000 Speed, 340 Power, and 334 Lines Per Inch to engrave our cutting board, this might vary based on your board thickness/type!

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